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Beekeeper is a bee attractant that contains honey bee attractants and controlled release formulation aids. The attractants in BeeKeeper allows bee’s to give off behavioural pheromones to forage and attracts surrounding bee’s to perform the same task.

Beekeeper is recommended for a wide range of fruit, nut, vegetable, forage and legume crops as a means of maximising fruit set through greater pollination from increased bee activity and numbers.

It is a natural pollination enhancer, completely non-toxic, and is considered safe for applicators, crops and honey bees alike.

Beekeeper is a liquid formulation containing attractants that can direct honey bees to treated flowers for improved crop pollination. and unlike other inferior bee attractants, contains no sugars or honey which can distract the bees from the pollen.

By attracting and concentrating bee foraging, pollen transfer can be increased. Greater yields and improved quality are the typical benefits of more thorough honey bee pollination. Virtually all crops can benefit from additional bee foraging – whether a crop requires pollen transfer between varieties, between flowers or between parts.

Beekeeper provides the added edge needed to achieve maximum yield and quality.

How to Use
It is recommended that it be applied early (10 to 20% flowering) and then at 6 to 10 day intervals throughout the flowering period.

Follow the directions on the pack.