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A medium sized, evergreen shrub with fragrant, white flowers which mature over the winter months producing a small, oval fruit that is a brilliant deep orange colour with a highly aromatic skin. Due to the shape of the fruit, the Nagami is often referred to as the oblong, or tear drop cumquat.  The tree is smaller growing, making it ideal for pots in patios and courtyards. 

The unusual feature of the Nagami cumquat is in the eating of the fruit. The fruit is eaten whole, skin and all. The inside is still quite sour, but the skin has the sweeter flavour, when eaten together it produces an unusual refreshing flavour. Also perfect for preserves, brandies, liqueurs, marmalades, pickles and crystallising. The fruit can be a highly sought after delicacy, often fetching high prices in fruit shops. 

Fruit ripens mid to late winter and always crops very heavily. The brilliant deep orange colour and highly aromatic skin of this small oval fruit makes a spectacular display against the dark green foliage. The fruit holds on the tree for a long period adding to its high ornamental value. 

  • Plant in a sunny, protected position in well drained soil in container or garden.  
  • Sensitive  to heavy frosts. 
  • Shelter from strong winds especially during flowering or while fruit is forming.
  • Fertilise during growing season. 

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25cm pot