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Explore the darker side of house plants with this accessible guide to choosing, growing, and caring for carnivorous and predatory plants like Venus flytraps, pitcher plants (in all of their wild and wacky varieties), sundews, and other spooky guys. Carnivorous plants are among the most fascinating botanical specimens in this world. They're weird, they're gorgeous, and they're the perfect addition to your urban jungle of pothos, snake plants, and succulents. However, they can also be intimidating to grow and care for. Let Killer Plants — with its light approach and adorable two-color illustrations — be your guide as it walks you through the different types of carnivorous plants and how to keep each variety alive and well.

The book answers the many questions you may have surrounding these freaks of nature, such as: Where the heck do I buy a pitcher plant? Can I grow it from a seed? Do I need to feed my carnivorous plant flies, or can it survive on water and light alone? Will a Venus flytrap eat my gerbil? I have a gnat problem — what predatory plant can help?

Hardcover - 160 pages

Dimensions: 15.4cm x 19.2cm  x 1.6cm

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