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Lomandra confertifolia rubiginosa Crackerjack

An Australian native clumping grass that exhibits a strong, but graceful presence in the landscape. Its fine leaves hide the effect of the leaf tips drying out, caused by low rainfall in summer periods. Any brown leaf tips become virtually indistinguishable at a distance so that a fresh appearance is maintained year round. New seasons growth is blue, maturing to green with age. With flowers positioned deep in the foliage it is well suited to high pedestrian areas and is child friendly, as there is little danger from getting spiked by drying flowers.

The fine leaves of Crackerjack sway gracefully in the wind, which creates the feeling of a soft flimsy element, contrasting perfectly with hard paved surfaces. 70cm H x 1m W.

Crackerjack looks sensational when planted en masse (plant 1m apart) - use in garden beds, as a low border to or as a statement patio containers. 

Plant in full sun - part shade in free draining soil. Very good in dry conditions and tolerates moderate frosts. 

  • Low maintenance
  • Very good in dry conditions
  • Tolerates moderate frosts. 

We recommend you use a good quality Native potting mix If planting in containers. 

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