OLIVE correggiola 2LT

OLIVE correggiola 2LT

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A small slow-growing, spreading, drought tolerant olive tree with green leaves and silver undersides and black edible fruit once processed. Heavy-cropping, it is considered a 'free-stone' olive as the seed is very easy to remove from the flesh making it highly sought after by the processors of pitted and stuffed olives. The fruit are apple-shaped, light green with tiny whitish spots. They mature to a black colour  with a hint of purple and are a medium size.  The most popular olive tree variety for Australian gardens.  

Ideal for avenue plantings, coastal locations, driveways, group planting, informal screening or as a feature tree.  Perfect for large pots.

Olives thrive in a full sunny spot away from frost. 

Prefers a fertile loam and a well-drained soil although it will survive in poor soil.