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Chamaedorea elegans                                                                        130mm pot

This stunning small palm is perfect for that dodgy corner in every house. Tolerating low light situations and cooler temperatures than many other houseplants, it's elegant fronds of dark green will add a touch of glamour to any space. 

It's slow growth habit means it won't outgrow it's pot too quickly. 

Prefers bright filtered light and average humidity levels. 

Keep your Parlour Palm away from cold drafts. If dry leaf margins or brown tips begin to develop it's most likely caused by cold drafts or prolonged dry periods -To remedy this, raise the humidity levels before overwatering.

Be careful not to overwater - err on the side of your soil being slightly too dry rather than overwatering.  Only water when the top 2.5cm of soil feels dry. Yellow fronds may indicate watering issues.

130mm pot

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