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Saturaid is a unique and worthwhile addition to all gardens. It saves you time and money as it reduces water use by up to 50%.

Please note that Saturaid is not a water storing crystal. It is not a jelly like substance that holds water in the soil. It is a granular soil wetter made from coir and other non toxic ingredients. When applied, it channels water to the root zone where it is needed most.

Saturaid promotes even water distribution so there is less water run off and dry spots in potting mix and soils. It makes watering, rainfall and fertilisers more effective, even in sandy, clay or compacted soils.

Apply Saturaid to all areas of the garden including indoor and outdoor pot plants, shrubs, garden beds and lawns. As Saturaid is made from eco-friendly materials it is safe to use in the vegetable garden. Saturaid works immediately.

• Reduces water use by up to 50%
• Eco-friendly product
• Suitable for all areas of the garden
• Prevents water run off and dry spots
• Can also be used in indoor plants

Follow the directions on the pack.