Roses - Standard 90cm

Standard Roses are a variation of the normal bush rose grafted at a height of 90cm or 60cm (Patio Standards). They can create a formal appearance if planted in a row or as a feature in garden beds or in large tubs. The head of the standard can vary in shape, Hybrid Teas will grow in a V shape, Floribundas in general keep to a rounder shape. David Austins can also vary with each variety. It is important to secure them to a sturdy stake
to prevent breakage in high wind. Please avoid metal stakes. Plant approx. 1.2m apart

Customers Please Note

Our bare root roses are now available for pre order – they will arrive in the nursery during June - August.

When your order has arrived, we will contact you to arrange collection or deliveryIf you have multiple items pre-ordered online you will receive a notification as each item arrives and is set aside for you.

Please note: Supply issues beyond our control can affect our ability to guarantee supply of your bare root tree.