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Bambusa textilis Gracilis

Unlike most bamboo species that tend to grow in a fan pattern, Gracilis’ growth is very upright and its natural footprint of one metre, makes it the number one choice for suburban yards and Tasmania’s absolute best choice for creating a screen to cover between 2 - 6 metres in height. 

It’s versatility comes from its acceptance of trimming to your desired height and allows for planting out in narrower beds (400mm minimum), making it ideal for between driveways and fences.

If you’re REALLY pushed for space, it is also very well suited to growing in pots or troughs, but be aware that restricting its growth space will naturally restrict its maximum height.

Gracilis is very tolerant of Tassie winters and our SE dry conditions - giving them a great start is the key to achieving best results. 


  • Best selling bamboo for screening 2 - 6m H.
  • Clumping non-invasive Bamboo
  • Very fast growing 
  • Typical Footprint 1m
  • Low maintenance
  • Very Frost Tolerant
  • Drought Tolerant once established
  • Full sun to Part shade
  • Edible Shoots for Cooking
  • Great for Narrow areas, Pots and Troughs

    As clumping Bamboo grows in a circular pattern, the width of your planting trench will determine the spacing of your plants, if you are creating a screen. e.g. If your trench is a metre wide – plants should be spaced a metre apart – 500mm wide trench = 500mm spacing. Following that rule of thumb will provide you with a substantial screen in a very short period of time (around 24-36mths in Tassie).

    Typical Culm size is 2-3cm. Typical plant height is 6m. Trim between 1.5m - 6m.

    Plant in full sun to part shade in free draining soil.

    200mm pot