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The ancient art of Bonsai has endured for centuries and many of the plants grown represent many years work and care. Debco’s experience with professional growers of Bonsai has enabled the development of a formulation that meets the essential needs of this type of plant culture. The selection of specific grades of composted pine bark and coarse sand is designed for the traditional shallow pots used to grow Bonsai and the plants species that are commonly grown.
The structure of the potting mix is important, equally so is a blend of balanced plant nutrients that will feed the plant during the growing season. To make Bonsai Potting Mix simple to use, Zeolitehas been included. Zeoliteis a mineral clay that assists with the retention of essential plant nutrients and minimises the risk of too much fertiliser being available to the plant.


  • Horticultural Sand For Moisture Retention & Zeolite
  • Ideal Ratio Between Aeration & Drainage
  • Trace Elements & Growth Stimulants

All Bonsai should be re-potted periodically. The reason for this is to minimise the gradual but constant compression of the potting mix in the pot, provide fresh growing media for better growing conditions for your bonsai and to allow for pruning of the roots.The best time for re-potting or planting a new Bonsai is in late winter or early spring prior to new growth appearing.

  1. Debco Bonsai Potting Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required. Close the bag tightly after use.
  2. Carefully remove your tree from the container and remove the old soil from the roots. If the roots have grown into a solid mass, carefully tease them out and prune them using pruning shears. If necessary trim up to 30% of the roots, making sure the remaining roots will fit into the shape of the new container or pot. Pruning the roots will help stimulate new growth and allow room for the fresh potting mixture.
  3. If you require your plant to grow bigger, select a larger container and fill it with potting mix. Cover drainage holes withinsect screening material cut into squares slightly larger than the drainage holes.
  4. Place the pruned tree into the container and arrange. Once happy with position of the plant fill with fresh potting mix, carefully making sure the mix fills around all of the roots. Fill to desired level, allowing a shallow area for irrigation.
  5. Water in well. Fertilise 3–4 weeks after potting. Fertilising is best carried out in spring and autumn. This potting mix will require a complete liquid fertiliser like Debco Water Soluble Fertiliser. For small containers apply at half the recommended rate for pot plants.