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Cyclamen are a very long-flowering, hardy species that loves cooler climates, is frost tolerant and requires little water once established.  The unique heart shaped flowers come in a range of colours and the leaves are patterned and marbled in white and silver. 

Prefers a part shade to full shade position in well drained soil and will multiply in time, creating a vibrant carpet of flowers in Autumn and Winter. 

Remove the spent flowers to promote further blooms.

Suitable for pots or hanging baskets and can be brought indoors during the flowering season, however, as they prefer the cool weather it's a good idea to put them outside at night . Cyclamen like it cool and dry so water sparingly in the mornings when the soil feels dry and try to avoid splashing the leaves to extend their life.

Plants become dormant for the Summer months.  140mm pot. 

Makes a lovely gift!

We have an assortment of colours available - please call us on

03 62730611 if you wish to select a specific colour.

Product images are a guide only. Size, colour and flowers may vary due to
seasonal changes and availability.