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This evergreen, high impact plant, is exceptionally striking and makes a great contrasting feature plant in any garden or patio planter.  Its striking dark burgundy, almost black foliage sets off rich deep burgundy flowers perfectly, adding a touch of drama to any setting.

The blooms appear in autumn and last well, even in to the winter, providing much needed colour and drama when little else blooms. Requiring very little care and attention and rewarding neglect with a stunning show, it likes full sun and good drainage, and is drought tolerant.  Pick all flowers to maintain a dense and even shape.

  • Spectacular, hardy, evergreen shrub with dark burgundy (almost black) foliage and dark red inflorescence in autumn and winter.
  • Use in mass plantings, general landscaping, native gardens, coastal gardens and pots. Excellent cut flower.
  • Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Will not grow in alkaline or boggy/clay soils. Use a native potting mix if grown in pots.
  • Water well during the first 2 years for the plant to establish.  Low water requirement once established. 
  • Size: to 2.5m H X 2m W.  

We recommend you use a good quality Native potting mix If planting in containers.

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