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A versatile and evergreen shrub which can be used as a specimen, hedges or screening plants throughout the garden. They have been grown extensively with great success in Australian gardens for decades. Viburnum 'Anvi' is direct from a respected Dutch breeding of Viburnums, producing extra large flowers (12cm across), which completely cover the bush in winter through to late spring.

The flowers are followed by deep, purplish-blue berries and both are ideal for use in floral arrangements. The stems of the new growth of 'Anvi' also flush a crimson colour, adding contrast to the forest green foliage.

Viburnum 'Anvi' will grow to approximately 4m high forming a dense, round, compact shrub of dark green, shiny foliage. A lush evergreen shrub, and very hardy, this plant deserves a place in any garden!

Grow in a deep, rich, moisture retentive soil in full sun or semi-shade. Water requirements are low to medium once established. A long deep soaking is recommended during extended periods of dryness. Prune to required shape or size after berries are finished.

  • Superb hedging plant - space 75cm apart
  • Flowers from Winter through to early spring
  • Easy to maintain
  • Screening
  • Frost tolerant
  • Foliage and berries are suitable for floral arrangements
  • Low maintenance areas - both residential and commercial