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Parthenocissus quinquefolia 

A vigorous and fast-growing vine in the Vitaceae or grape family, this self-clinging deciduous climber adheres firmly to slightly rough surfaces by their disc-shaped suckers at the ends of branched tendrils.

Ideal for covering almost anything. It doesn't need support and is able to grow quite high and wide if required. Excellent for providing Summer shade but letting valuable sunlight through in Winter. Prune to shape as required. Easy to care for and disease free.

Beautiful glossy green foliage throughout summer turns to a blaze of brilliant scarlet, orange and yellow, setting your walls ablaze with vibrant colour in autumn. Greenish yellow flowers, followed by bunches of blue black berries resembling tiny grapes.

Plant in full sun to part shade in free draining soil.

NB: the deep blue, berry-like fruits contain oxalate crystals that are highly poisonous to people and pets. Sap may irritate broken skin.  HANDLE WITH CARE.

140mm pot