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The Little Zanzibar (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)       130mm pot

One of the easiest easy-care indoor plants! 

This compact and stylish form of the ever popular ZZ plant has the same toughness and resilience, thriving in low light conditions, with low water requirements and very few pest problems (perfect for 'black thumbs' or an office environment). 

Gorgeous dark green leaves on and thick bowed stems gives this on trend plant a unique shape and character that will be a talking point in any one’s home or office. It is  an excellent air purifier.

Prefers low light - will produce beautiful dark green foliage in low light conditions - be sure to keep out of direct sunlight. 

Do not over-water - over watering causes the underground tuber to rot. Watering once a month is plenty. Water less in winter or colder conditions.

Only re-pot when you see or feel a slight bulge in the pot - use a Cacti & Succulent potting mix

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