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Our premium Home Garden product which has the Blooming Lot!

This powerful liquid formulation will be of benefit to any environment or soil type, and can be used as a foliar spray or soil health booster.

MacroBoost Blooming Lot Premium Plant Food is our finest nutrient-boost product because, yes, it has the blooming lot! This powerful liquid formulation is a complex combination of microbes and more than 70 different macro, micro and nano nutrients. The added bio-stimulants, amino acids and enzymes assist plants to rapidly assimilate the nutrients.

Blooming Lot can be used as foliar spray or soil nutrient booster. Water into soil as a pre-plant crop starter. Highly recommended as a top-up when a crop is slowing down toward the end of a growing cycle, or is under stress from difficult environmental conditions. Also a great tonic for flowering planter boxes and pots when you want a dynamic boost.

Contains more nutrient value than KickStart, but is lower in active biology. Use in combination with BioBoost+ for maximum benefit.