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Sumptuous, deep mahogany coloured flowers bob in the wind well above the compact foliage. A unique colour that is sought after by gardening connoisseurs and versatile enough to blend into many varied colour schemes for a designer touch.

Great for a sunny border where a blending with hot colours will give dramatic results. They make excellent container specimens where they can also be brought closer to doorways and paths to experience the sweet scent that becomes more pronounced towards the end of a warm day.

40cm H x 60cm W


Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining in a sunny location. Lightly prune after main flowering to help maintain a dense, neat habit and encourage further flowering. An application of slow release fertiliser during spring would be beneficial.

  • A Loose, airy floral display of unusual, deep reddish-brown coloured flowers with a chocolate scent appear from late summer, through autumn.
  • Attracts butterflies.
  • Forms a tight, compact mound of vibrant green foliage which may become deciduous in cooler climates.
  • Hardy and easy to grow.
  • Mass plant against solid coloured walls or backgrounds for dynamic effect.
  • Contemporary gardens, mixed perennial borders or butterfly attracting gardens.
  • Containers or general garden use.
  • Pollinator friendly