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Ficus elastica Marble

The stunning coloured variegations on this beauty make it an absolute must have.


Easy care. Prefers filtered light to Full Shade - Don't over water - let your plant dry to 80% before watering again.

Figs drop their leaves if they experience drought. If colours fade and look dark/dull its an indicator that it requires brighter/more light.

Use a damp soft cloth to keep leaves dust free. Avoid moving your plant around unnecessarily as sudden changes of light and temperature can adversely affect your plant. Protect from cold drafts and mist foliage with a trigger sprayer to keep plants looking fresh and increase humidity.

Keep your green friends happy and heathy with Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food and Munash Indoor Plant Foliage Spray
We recommend you use Stoneman's Premium Potting Mix when repotting.
Complete your plant styling by teaming this gorgeous plant with something from our indoor pot or basket ranges.