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A soft spreading shrub with grey-green foliage. For most of the year it is a mass of pink and white flowers creating a stunning display from autumn to summer, and it thrives in full sun and well drained soils, especially by the coast. Grows to 30cm H x 1.5m W

A light trim over summer is all it needs to keep it fresh and vigorous.

It’s woolly enough to cuddle, and so are the bears it helps.  A donation to Free The Bears Fund Inc is made from every one of these lovely plants sold, so not only will you ‘feel good’, you are actually ‘doing good’ when you plant this one. 

You’re doing something good for the environment too, as the honeyeaters and other native birds love Grevillea Woolly Bear Hero.  

We recommend you use a good quality Native potting mix If planting in containers. 

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