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The Winter Elegance™ series Hellebores are selected forms of Helleborus x hybridus, which are long lived winter flowering perennials. These plants will grow to approximately 45cm tall by 45 cm in width. Their foliage is evergreen and the main flowering period is from June to September.

We have an assortment of varieties available - please call us on
03 62730611 if you wish to select a specific variety.

Hellebores are tolerant of most soil types and soil pH also does not seem to be an issue for them. The main exception is very sandy soils where Hellebores usually struggle. In all soils the addition of organic matter in the form of compost will assist growth.

In the garden Hellebores will grow best if they receive shade for most of the day from the hot summer sun. The amount of sun they will tolerate will be influenced by climate, so Hellebores in Tasmanian gardens can tolerate more summer sun exposure than in other states.  Growth and flowering will be improved if the plants receive at least some sun in winter, so a position under deciduous trees or where winter sun can reach them is ideal.

Helleborus x hybridus can be grown in pots. However they have extensive root systems and will require regular potting on into eventually large tubs. Hellebores purchased during winter in 140mm pots should be potted onto 200mm pots in spring and then 300mm tubs the following winter. If possible it is best to plant them out rather than grow them in pots.