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‘Paper Cascade’ is an attractive and dainty native plant variety of the Rhodanthe genus, which are commonly known as 'everlastings'. Like other everlastings, the plant has paper-like flowers with pink pointed buds opening to white flowers with a yellow centre. The white bracts are pointed creating a star shaped flower, which adorn the plant in abundance during spring time, to the point that the soft grey green foliage becomes covered.

‘Paper Cascade’ forms a neat mound with a heavily trailing habit, making it the ideal ground cover in native or dry tolerant gardens. Given it’s trailing habit, it also lends itself to being planted in containers or hanging baskets where it can be left to trail over the edges. Plant the whole Rhodanthe Paper Collection for a carpet of colour! 'Paper Baby', 'Paper Cascade' and 'Paper Star'


  • A profusion of white flowers in spring
  • Paper type flowers on grey-green foliage
  • Superb container plant

    Plant in a moist but well drained soil. Best suited to a position in morning sun and afternoon shade. To ensure the plant looks its best year after year, prune back by approximately one third of overall size of the plant after flowering, and feed with a slow release fertiliser for optimum results. If pruned after each flower flush, this may encourage the plant to flush again in Autumn after it’s main flowering time in spring. Once established, ‘Paper Star’ will tolerate periods of dryness, however occasional deep watering is recommended through extended periods of drought.

    • Cascading over rocks, retaining walls, and down embankments
    • Small gardens and balconies
    • Containers
    • Flowers can be dried for indoor arrangements and crafts
    • Native style gardens or xeriscaping