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Spathiphyllum (a.k.a. Peace Lily) really is the triple treat of house plants:

* Easy care  
* Extremely resillient
* Air purifying

all while giving your space a lush green urban jungle feel.

Improve your Plant Life Balance with this hardy and low maintenance plant, which are high on the N.A.S.A. list of plants that help improve indoor air quality. 

Spathiphyllums are considered to be one of the best low light indoor plants around, with beautifully elegant, tall white flowers that can appear right throughout the year.

Because they’re a tropical plant they’ll only survive indoors in Tasmania - a warm spot, away from direct sunlight/low levels of light is ideal. 

If the leaves begin to droop - the plant is telling you it’s time to water  -  give it a good soak in a tub of water at room temperature. 

Only water Spathiphyllum when it is drying out.  (Plant moisture levels can be checked by inserting your finger into the top few centimetres of potting mix)

Fertiliser requirements are quite low. Apply a weakened solution of liquid fertiliser (follow label instructions for indoor plants) a couple of times per year when it is actively growing.

If leaf tips start to brown, it may be a sign of under-watering or over-fertilising.

Regular spraying of foliage with a mist of water will keep the humidity a little higher which is important in air-conditioned environments.

Any dead leaves should be removed.

For more information on Spathiphyllums read our Blog

Larger sized plants/pots available available - please call us on 03 62730611 for information.

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